Board of Directors

You may use the Contact form of this website to express your interest in the board, in becoming a member or volunteer or to contact any board member. When doing so be sure to include the name of the board member in the Question/Comment box of the form. Thank you.

Name Position Term Expires
Celeste Connamacher
President     2024 (1st term)
Al Smith
Vice President     2025 (2nd term)
Jessica Kane
Secretary     2023 (1st term)
Jim Seidl Treasurer     
Nathaniel Arndts Director     2025 (1st term)
Tonya Arnett
Director     2023 (2nd term)
Kathie Dekker Director     2024 (1st term)
Barbara Frederick
Director     2024 (appointed)
Dawn Hernandez
Director     2024 (1st term)
Emily Parks Director     2023 (appointed)
Dennis Reid, Sr. Director     2025 (2nd term)
Akaiia Ridley
Director     2023 (1st term)
Juanita Solis-Kidder
Director     2025 (appointed)
Jerome Washington
Director     2024 (1st term)