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Museum's 2016 Season is Over

The Gardner House Museum ended the 2016 tour season on Sunday, September 25.  What this actually means is that our volunteers won't be there on weekends waiting to give tours.  If, however, you would like to tour the museum, simply call 517-629-5100 to schedule a personal tour.  The museum will be open again in 2017 from 2-4 p.m. Mothers' Day weekend until the last weekend of September.

Upcoming Events

Bob Wall to Speak at Annual Membership Meeting

All Albion Historical Society members are invited to the annual membership meeting which will be held at the Gardner House Museum on Sunday, October 9, from 2-3:30 p.m.  Guest speaker, Bob Wall, will talk about the historical process of the Holland Park Transformation Project (as opposed to focusing on the content of the research itself.)

Albion College and the City of Albion received a $25,000 Heritage Grant from the Michigan Humanities Council in 2015.  The grant funded an oral history project focused on the all-Black segregated West Ward Elementary School.  The oral history project, in turn, served as the basis of "History Hill," a permanent exhibit at the center of the City's Holland Park Transformation Project.

A high school history teacher and administrator for nearly 30 years, Bob Wall retired from Albion Public Schools in 2003.  He worked on the Holland Park Transformation Project with Albion College history professor Wes Dick and local historian Leslie Dick.

In addition to the talk, board members will be elected.  Light refreshments will be served.  Non members wishing to attend will have the opportunity to join the Society at this meeting.

Spend a Sunday Afternoon Enjoying “Our Musical History”

The Albion Historical Society will present "Our Musical History" on Sunday, October 16, from 3:00-5:30 p.m. at FreeWay Church, 28900 B.Drive North, Albion.  Thanks to a grant from FireKeepers Local Revenue Sharing Board in partnership with the City of Albion, Folk Oil Company/Albion PS Food Mart, and Jim and Tonya Arnett, this family-friendly program will feature music styles of the past and discuss how they relate to the history of Michigan and to our current times.  Performers will include:

Clayton Parr & Friends -- "Great Lakes Sailing and Lumbering Songs."  During the Depression, many went to work on Great Lakes vessels and wrote spirited and soulful music to reflect their lives and times.

ABC Sisters.  An Andrews Sisters tribute to the war years with comments about their chosen songs.

The Smallmouth Band uses piano, harmonica, spoons, banjo, and voices to express early farm life in Michigan through poetry put to music.

Genesis Terrell with Family & Friends will portray rhythm and blues and how it so resounded with people as the war years were ending and history was being rewritten.

Lee Piper, singer and guitar player, will cover patriotic songs and theme songs from movies and television (including cowboy songs) from the past.

Refreshments will be served afterward, and audience members will have an opportunity to meet the stars.  This event is free, but any donations will be gratefully accepted.

Speakers Series to Start November 9

In keeping with our mission to focus more on history, the Albion Historical Society will be featuring guest speakers throughout the fall and winter.  In partnership with the Albion District Library, board member and History Room librarian Jennifer Wood has scheduled several individuals to speak on a variety of topics that pertain to Albion or Michigan history.  The series begins November 9 with a talk about Michigan in the Civil War by Bob Griggs.  This talk will be held in the Naomi Lane Room at the Albion District Library from 2-4 pm.